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  • Three years on

    Today is Thomas and Mia’s third birthday. Birthdays should be nothing more than a joyous celebration. With the twins though, life is far more complicated than that. Emotions of all flavours will be running high depending which moment you catch us trapped in. Earlier this year Jo lost her mother. She’d spoken to her the […]

  • Voodoo Shunt (Slight Revision)

    On Wednesday 9th October 2013 at approx 08.39 I saved 3 children from almost certain death. As I was walking Lilly to school we heard a panic stricken mother running after an electric blue Vauxhall Minerva which was accelerating under its own steam backwards down a steep incline after her errant son had let the […]

  • Paradise

    “Cause I lost my Job, 2 weeks before Christmas” Turns out Rodriguez (Sugarman) must have worked for ITV, pre-Christmas redundancies was standard operating procedure just like the Imperial fleet jettisoning waste pre-hyper space (ask Hans Solo) In Twelve hours time, Thomas and Mia, our teeny tiny twins, will have been home for 6 months. Every […]

  • 6 months is a very very long time

    On Monday 26th March 2013, after 33 days of “Normality”, Thomas John Brown (Twin 1) stopped breathing. Only for a moment but a moment none the less. I was busy upstairs getting dressed, Jo witnessed it all. With me due to start editing in exchange for money on Tuesday, the Browns were on our way […]

  • Thomas and Mia come home x

    Another Video Blog! Enjoy x

  • Back to Bolton

    This Blog is brought to you in the style of a Video! Enjoy x    

  • Twins Re-united

    On Thursday 3rd Jan, whilst having a cuddle with Jo, Mia decided to stop breathing. Twice. After 93 days you think you might have experienced everything? Highlights since the last blog include… Having a show of hands when Thomas went for his MRI scan as to whether he should have the express (3 min) or […]

  • At all other times

    In the final weeks of December 2003, Jo’s mother Ann discovered she had leukaemia. She didn’t tell Jo and Tony until after Christmas as she didn’t want to “Spoil it” for her children. Most of 2004 was spent under this shadow but with Ann finally looking to be on the mend, a secondary infection took […]

  • Ups and downs

    “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” As many of you read this (wishful thinking) I will hopefully have just cuddled my son Thomas for the first time, a mere 46 days (1,100 hours) or 792,00 heartbeats (Twintime ™) since he was born and yet like his […]

  • Wooden Heart

    “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. I suppose this phrase could usefully sum up the journey that lies ahead for Thomas and Mia. By the time they reach adult life they may easily be a hundred times heavier than their birth weights. As they grow bigger and stronger they will increase their shadow on the […]